Ok, I hope you are old enough to recognize my play on the song, because the song is actually applicable to life. (If you are to young to remember this song, is "Ain't It Funny, How Time Slips Away") in general. And for me, even though I am retired and (basically) keeping myself occupied with busy work most every day. I can't tell you how many times I have looked up at the clock and wondered - "where did the day go???"  And I actually can't tell you. I have somehow wiled, whittled, snoozed, or otherwise absorbed the entire day of 8 long hours without cognizant recognition of time actually passing!!

I am not making a big thing of this, but seriously, I don't actually do anything all day - most days. So I find it fascinating at how the hours can seemingly pass so quickly without my cognitive recognition of them doing so. Because when I was working, I remember how incredibly long.... the days seemed. Most days seemed to never end; at least the portion that I spent working!!  The only thing that I can think of to explain the time passing is that I have an amazing ability to focus on the here and now to the total exclusion of the then and when!

This sounds like a perfect way to spend the days, and most of the time, it is! Rolling with the flow is relaxing, not stressful and personally calming: except occasionally. There are some days when I have something that I DO have to remember, or do, or not do: and, you guessed it!, nine times out of ten I breeze through the day then suddenly realize 5 hours after I should have done something, that I should have done something..... OUCH!!

And yes, I even have a personal calendar book wherein I write stuff that I should do; just to be sure that I do it. However the problem is that I have to remember to really look at the calendar book to find out what I should be doing.

I have to tell you, I've said it before and I'll say it again, getting old is not for sissies!!


It seems to me that this last year has absolutely whizzed by... Maybe it's the getting older that makes it so. I'm not sure. Yet here I am beginning to prepare for yet another summer in the desert.  Which after last year and my initiation by fire to the Las Vegas very hot temperatures, I have made meticulous preparations!!

So, last year I spent the summer sleeping in the living room, it had an energy (and $$) efficient window AC unit (thoughtfully purchased by sister Sandy the previous year) it was relatively comfortable in spite of the extreme summer temperatures. But although it was cooler, sleeping on the pull out couch bed killed my sacroiliac (it seriously sagged in the middle!).

So this year, I was determined to not spend the summer on that bed again.  And last month I asked my (wonderful) Nephew if he would come over and move that energy efficient window AC into the most insulated room in the RV: the bedroom area. And being the wonderful Nephew that he is, the AC was quickly installed in the window right above my desk; the perfect location!!

The bedroom in addition to the comfortable bed, has storage areas accessed from the outside located on all sides and the bottom of the RV which buffer and further insulate the inside against the extreme heat.  There is an ample desk area with plenty of office storage drawers and cupboards that is next to the bed. So I moved my office area to the bedroom desk area and nested in. 

And as it turned out, it was a very good move(!!) since we recently experienced the first really HOT day just a few days later! And an early summer heatwave began. Let's see, the temperature right now at 9:09PM on Thursday, it is 100 degrees.

Mr. Bucky and Miss Moo are also thrilled. They spent the first hot day, happily snoozing one cat; whoever gets there first (although I like to think of them doing the cat version of flipping a coin to see who gets the prime spot) perched on my desk behind the laptop and the loser of the coin toss on the edge of the bed as close to the AC as possible.

Well, guess I'm going to turn in, watch a little TV and then dreamland.... PEACE EVERYONE!


You might have thought, after my Dear Sister passed last year, that I would have become one of the long term lonely. You know the ones with a kind of a vacant expression, sad all the time, out actively (desperately) seeking companionship, a partner - someone to fill the void. And that would have been a good bet for me. After all, my sister and I had lived together for more than ten years - quite awhile (and you get used to company!).  We got along famously, which after our childhood of constant arguing, and sisterly pranks, etc. was a miracle!! As adults we shared life's ups and downs, had some belly laughs at our own and others expense and generally had one hell of a good time together. No question about it...

Initially, when I sold my house and announced that my Sister and I were going to purchase an RV and travel most everyone I knew thought that I had lost my mind... Why give up the security of a home that was almost paid for, the security of my company, etc., etc.. But something inside me had been whispering for a while that it was time to go and see all those places that she and I had dreamed about since childhood

Note: While most of my readers (are their most? Don't know...) have heard the story about how my sister wound up as my roommate - for those who don't, a quick recap: She was very, very sick, due to the illness, she lost both legs, below the knees, was left legally blind ended up in an, "rest home". When I visited that place I had a fit.... it was dirty, smelly, just awful! Moved her up to where I lived, made enough of a stink with her insurance, to get her the care she needed and she recuperated enough to move in with me! And we had of years of nothing but fun!!!

So, it was surprising, that after the initial shock and mourning, even though I go through periods of "wishing my life were different", I have been for the most part, if not happy, I'd say contented... 

Webster defines contented as: feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possessions, status or situation and indeed, that is what I have been feeling.  And when you get right down it it, contented is a very comfortable state!  Considering Happy that has an equal and opposite partner in mood, which would be "sad", contented has no opposite!  So while, happy is a higher state than contented, its' opposite sad is considerably worse than not contented.

The result is that, daily life has no - big, highs or low, lows; no awful, really bad days or euphoric good days... just the reliable nirvana that contentment offers.

While I'm pretty sure that this doesn't makes sense to anyone but me, I have for myself, concluded that, on the emotional scale (i.e. VERY HAPPY  ...... TO ........ VERY SAD) that nirvana spot at the middle, would be where "contented" gets inserted. (VERY HAPPY........ CONTENTED ........VERY SAD).  So staying in the middle is a good spot to park as often and as long as possible. It is without question the best state of being of all the possible states of being! 

I am sure that all my millions (ha, ha) of readers, are aware that most of the time, being in the state of very happy... doesn't last long, and sometimes (most often?) leads to very sad!  (Yuck!!)