I am not going to apologize again for my lack of posts, because seriously I have determined that my life is just working out to be loaded with time consuming things that keep me busy, although I must admit, this last hiatus was more not having an Internet connection than not having time to blog......


But finally, (thank goodness) I am settled in my new little apartment, my big old Dodge Dualy  truck is sold :-(, and am now driving a snazzy little Chrysler PT Cruiser - that I LOVE!!); I have all the comforts of home, including an internet connection, and have spent some time making new friends. (including a gentleman friend: more later!!) Soooo, despite all my forebodings about moving to the "Senior" community I am actually loving it! They have constant activities, including entertainment, dances, luncheons, trips to interesting places in the community, I have friends, .... a senior couldn't ask for more. 

I opted for the "efficiency" apartment, so I don't have to spend all my time cleaning...(yuck) and I was able to find a small really portable washer and dryer so I don't have to use the laundry room (yuck I HATE to drag laundry around)!!  


Actually after the RV, it seems like a palace!


So a few months ago, I was attending an afternoon dance activity - and was dying to dance, and at the next table was a good looking gentleman. My desire to dance was greater than my shyness and I asked him to dance: we've been dancing together ever since!  


LIFE IS GOOD........                                    


Ye Gods... This last year of my life has been like tornado..... and just when I was thinking that things were calming down - bingo bango!!!  More turmoil.... then bingo bango even MORE turmoil!!!

Although in retrospect I must admit that this time the turmoil was actually positive, even if I, at time didn't think so!

I must also admit that I, the RVSISTER am actually getting old (yikes...).  And as the old bod starts loosening, sinking, sagging and otherwise weakening, there are bound to be some visible repercussions...(arg!) which have become more visible with each passing day.

So it seems that one day I was happily living in my RV, and the next, I was the newest tenant at the local "Senior" living community. This of course was after some time spent by my nephew, wearing me down, and the realization that the RV was also getting old and things were breaking and needing to be replaced at an alarming rate!

So first there was finding a suitable place, then the selling, of RV, Truck and other traveling gear and then the moving....

Las Vegas is a great place, and now after all the selling, moving, adapting, figuring out where everything is, getting used to the new apartment - I actually love it!!!  (And in this senior community I have a new gentleman friend; who loves to dance (by the way...) and we have been having a great time during the last number of (blogging silence) months!! Woo Hoo!!

And with all that I haven't mentioned yet that my trusty old computer just pooped out - I turned it on one day, it made a popping sound, and was dead!! It just completely stopped working....

And, to tell you that - despite the fact that I had this online backup service, it has still taken a number of months trying to get all my old sites and information into the new laptop!  (What a chore!!!) 

But at last things are getting back to normal and I hope to be back at my blogging with new adventures of my life at the "Senior Community" now that I am completely settles..... and I have a new gentleman friend....More to come.....


Ok, I hope you are old enough to recognize my play on the song, because the song is actually applicable to life. (If you are to young to remember this song, is "Ain't It Funny, How Time Slips Away") in general. And for me, even though I am retired and (basically) keeping myself occupied with busy work most every day. I can't tell you how many times I have looked up at the clock and wondered - "where did the day go???"  And I actually can't tell you. I have somehow wiled, whittled, snoozed, or otherwise absorbed the entire day of 8 long hours without cognizant recognition of time actually passing!!

I am not making a big thing of this, but seriously, I don't actually do anything all day - most days. So I find it fascinating at how the hours can seemingly pass so quickly without my cognitive recognition of them doing so. Because when I was working, I remember how incredibly long.... the days seemed. Most days seemed to never end; at least the portion that I spent working!!  The only thing that I can think of to explain the time passing is that I have an amazing ability to focus on the here and now to the total exclusion of the then and when!

This sounds like a perfect way to spend the days, and most of the time, it is! Rolling with the flow is relaxing, not stressful and personally calming: except occasionally. There are some days when I have something that I DO have to remember, or do, or not do: and, you guessed it!, nine times out of ten I breeze through the day then suddenly realize 5 hours after I should have done something, that I should have done something..... OUCH!!

And yes, I even have a personal calendar book wherein I write stuff that I should do; just to be sure that I do it. However the problem is that I have to remember to really look at the calendar book to find out what I should be doing.

I have to tell you, I've said it before and I'll say it again, getting old is not for sissies!!